ClipArt Illustration Orange Man Thinker Pondering

ClipArt Illustration Orange Man Thinker Pondering

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Royalty Free Illustration of an Orange Man in the pose of The Thinker, pondering a problem and hopefully arriving to a conclusion.
I've never really understood all the hype regarding this concept of "the Thinker". If Auguste Rodin had created a sculpture called "the Do-er" I'd be really impressed.
I remember hearing one time that the decision making process is an ongoing process of "funneling" down to a final outcome. Often times its not even the idea that determines the success of a decision, but really just the ability to carry it out! So sitting naked in a public place crouched in thought is not so productive after all.
...Anyway...if you *thinking* of using this illustration to promote a concept or idea, I can say it will definitely be useful because people just love concepts involving intelligence and deep thought. Also, since the concept of The Thinker is established and quite popular, you will find it works quite well! Just Think about it!

Illustration / Graphic by Leo Blanchette 2016-05-08

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