ClipArt Illustration Orange Man Holding Question Mark

ClipArt Illustration Orange Man Holding Question Mark

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Royalty Free Illustration of an orange man holding a giant question mark.

My favorite illustrations are ones like these...symbols of inquiry and pursuit of knowledge, exploration of mysteries and puzzles, consideration of concepts and ideas.

Children are known for asking the most questions. They question everything. No stone is left unturned as they understand the great world around them. When does this instinct slow down? Maybe its interrupted somewhere around adolescence due to social circumstances.

Those in authority are known to be experts at questioning and understanding abstract and logical relationships among society. Most significant discoveries are started by pursuing the answer to a specific question.

And then there is the ability to answer a question with another question...showing that deep down the person asking already knew the answer.

The ability to question is one of the paramount skills of a human being. Asking questions is a sign of wisdom, not foolishness.

Illustration / Graphic by Leo Blanchette 2016-05-08