ClipArt Illustration of Orange Man writer penning a book writing of information

ClipArt Illustration of Orange Man writer penning a book writing of information

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Royalty Free Illustration of an Orange Man writer or scribe penning history or archives on any subject imaginable.
A wise man (actually named Solomon) once said "to the writing of many books there is no end, and endless devotion to them is wearisome to the flesh".
Its hard to say if the invention of the printing press was a revolution or a final death-stroke in the evolution of human society. Today, just about any idiot can publish their ideas, however flawed or irrelevant.
On the flip-side, knowledge of every sort has been made available to common people, and with amazing results. For those who have the ability to separate fact from fiction and truth from folly, this information age is like the golden age of the mind.
This illustration can be used for informational purposes of any sort, from archives to book writing...or simply to represent knowledge or scholastic occupations. I hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you use it for.

Illustration / Graphic by Leo Blanchette 2016-05-08

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