ClipArt Illustration of AO-Maru the 5s System Robot Auditing Checklist

ClipArt Illustration of AO-Maru the 5s System Robot Auditing Checklist

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Royalty Free Illustration of Manufacturing Robot AO-Maru, doing a 5s audit. 5s? See It stands for Sort, Set in Order, Sweep, Standardize, Sustain. 5s is a concept used in the production / manufacturing world as a means for increasing productivity and minimizing wasted time and risks. It was, much like AO-Maru, inspired by Japanese culture and technological excellence.
AO-Maru is now being directly associated with the 5s methodology / concept as a mascot. Hopefully with enough exposure he will start to have a permanent home in the concept, much like the Orange Man does in the subject of knowledge and answering questions.
Of course, this illustration can be used for other concepts, such as software, automation, detective concepts, scientific method, planning, and so forth. There are no limits to imagination, or what AO-Maru, the (now 5s) robot can do!

Illustration / Graphic by Leo Blanchette 2016-05-08

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